7 things you should know before cutting your bangs.

Hi beauties! Welcome back to my blog after taking some time off writing!

I am ready to bring you summer content on anything and everything – and I thought I’d kick it all off with some things you need to know before committing to short bangs. I am no stranger to this hairstyle since through the years, I always had bangs at one point or another.

This summer, I decided to go short again and I would love to encourage you to do this simple yet effective change! Of course, I will give you some things you should know before cutting your bangs!


Throughout this blog post, I thought I’d include some celebrities that have been rocking bangs – old & new – to give you some inspiration!

1. Forehead acne.

Having hair lying on your forehead all the time – especially during the warm months of summer – leads to the production of more sweat and realising of certain oils while are usually associated with acne. So, be careful and take care of your skin care, and give some extra love to your forehead.

Model Emily Ratajkowski Jonas.

2. They get dirty…QUICKLY.

Going back to the previous point, such oils released can lead to bangs looking dirtier than the rest of your hair. A quick solution to this is to quickly wash it every day (not your whole head – just your bangs!)

Jane Fonda.

3. Styling is a MUST!

Waking up looking like the rays of the sun everyday is something you’ll grow familiar with – which is why constant styling is needed to ensure the placing of the hair. I usually style it well when my hair is still wet – using a round brush as well as my blow-drier. After that, I go in with my straightener – and I typically do this every time I see needed.

Anne Hathaway

4. Constant care.

Trims every two to three weeks ensure that no hair gets into your eyes. This means that bangs can get a bit high-maintenance; especially blunt-cut ones!

Selena Gomez.

5. Getting them out of the way is harder than it looks.

While bangs are all fun and games, you have to eventually do some chores, work or simply work-out. These are all times when your bangs feel extra, so having accessories to keep them out of your face is a must! I usually keep a few bobby pins and small hair clips to make sure the hair doesn’t get in the way of such activities!

Taylor Swift.

6. Examine all your options before snipping.

Something I am particularly new to is the styling according to the face shape. This is something that makes a ton of sense since bangs are there to compliment both the hair and the face – however, it doesn’t mean that if you like bangs a certain style which is not usually compared to your face shape then you shouldn’t get it!


7. Just GO FOR IT!

It is so easy to get attached to our hair – but keep in mind that hair is something that grows back! So, while I encourage you to take good care of it, I also encourage you to make decisions that you usually wouldn’t go for! I have had long hair, shaved hair, side bangs, blunt-cut bangs and many more hairstyles which all represent a time in my life!


Bews u Mhabba,
Samira x


By amaltesefashionaddict

An 18-year-old Maltese girl with a passion for writing about beauty, lifestyle and fashion!

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