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To be honest, I have absolutely no idea how to start a blog like this- but I think it’s time I shared yet another personal part of my life.

I’m an extrovert – I love speaking to people, expressing my opinions publicly and I love interacting with society in general. This is why it’s harder for the people around me to understand my anxiety – and I want to share my story – from beginning till this day – on how my anxiety started, how it affects me in relationships and friendships, and most importantly, how it impacts me on a daily basis. I share blogs like this to empower and make other people who are experiencing this or something similar to know they are not alone…

MY EXPERIENCE: Since my kindergarten days, I remember little episodes where I’d feel uncomfortable. I took up singing and it helped me with my stage fright – and I even took part in my secondary school plays and talent shows for years to make myself comfortable in front of a crowd. I took politics as a career and started publicly speaking in local and foreign parliaments. My anxious personality trait seemed to slowly fade away in my early teenage days – and I still remember a time when I had absolutely no anxiety.

In October of 2016, my sister was diagnosed with a terminal illness. I can never erase those words from my mind. This triggered PTSD. From then onwards, I continued to be strong in front of my friends and family – and I tried hard to hide it from everyone around me. The following February, 27/02/17, my mum was hospitalized for weeks and I had to quit school in order to take care of her and my family. This triggered another episode of PTSD, yet this one unfortunately stayed. That is how my anxiety properly started affecting my life.

DAILY LIFE: You may be wondering…how does it affect your daily life? I am a very outgoing person, and I am lucky enough to know how to control my anxiety and panic attacks (two totally different things- but they work hand in hand when something causes distress), meaning that it’s somewhat easier now. To put it in simple words, anything can trigger anxiety. From a certain smell to hearing something which isn’t usual. Most of my anxiety attacks happen through verbal distress- meaning that I hear something from other people and I don’t stop overthinking it until I come to a negative conclusion.

RELATIONSHIPS & FRIENDSHIPS: This obviously affects my relationships and friendships- and I am lucky enough that the people around me understand my anxiety. However, if I’m being honest, almost nobody knows how I truly feel inside. This part is hard for me to explain because I truly have never tried explaining it to anyone. My mind works like this – I gather a piece of information during the day – it could be something as little as “How was your day?” – and my mind keeps on digging on that sentence or text for hours. A little shift in someone’s tone could trigger an anxiety attack, someone not texting me back or leaving me on seen causes me distress and it’s not the first time that I find myself rereading conversation trying to find where I went wrong.

COPING: When coming to terms with my anxiety, I learnt that step one is to practice Self-love. Love is something I tend to lean on others to give me, however, it truly starts with you. It’s not easy, but I know that once you get to know yourself and your love – something mentally changes. Step two is questioning your thought pattern. Can I control what’s making me uneasy? Am I to blame in the situation? Can I do something to change it? If the answer to these questions are no, then you can stop panicking over it and start derivating your focus on other important things. Knowing yourself comes at the third stage. For example, I know that on days when I feel uneasy, I avoid caffeine, energy drinks and energy-boosting foods. This helps me remain calm and makes me feel more adaptable to my environment. Everyone is different however, and it took me over 2 years to know my anxiety.

This is anxiety. It causes you to think that you’re insane. It sometimes makes you question if you are loveable. It makes you cancel plans, and then you get anxious over the fact that you’re not going. It makes you look at your phone ringing while worrying about what the person on the other line called for. It makes you cry yourself to sleep because it feels like no one around you understands how much it hurts.

Living with anxiety doesn’t seem like much, but it honestly impacts everything in my life. If you’re experiencing anxiety- I really want you to know that you’re not alone. If you ever feel the need to share your story or simply want to ask a question, my Instagram DM’s are open 24/7.

Thanks for reading,

Bews u Mhabba,
Samii x

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Heri Cosmetics Launch party!

Hi beauties! Welcome back to my blog!

Last Friday, one of my good friends and idols, Henry Galea, launched his summer collection at the beautiful venue of ‘Bacino’ at the Birgu waterfront. The event was in celebration of the new ( & super glowy) highlighters by the first Maltese cosmetic brand, Heri Cosmetics.


Henry is the CEO & Brand manager of his brand Heri Cosmetics – making him the first make-up artist on the island to acquire such a title at a young age. Not only does his brand offer vegan & cruelty-free products, but it also offers a range of many eye & lip products. This launch was very special to Henry since I know how much he worked to achieve the perfect formula & packaging.


During the event, Henry told us that while the products are manufactured on the island, the packaging is done by internationally recognized designers – the same ones who created Fenty Beauty & many other recognizable brands!


The launch celebrated the first face products by the brand – three blinding shades of highlighters. The shades are named – GOLD PLATED, GODLY GLOW & SNOW ROSE GLOW. These amazing hyper-beam shades are all launching next Monday, August 5th. What’s amazing about these products is that they’re suitable for all skin tones plus they have the most buttery & creamy formula I’ve ever laid my hands on!


The event, which took place last Friday, celebrated the launch and Heri Cosmetics as a brand. Since the invite stated that the dress code was fashionably sickening, I knew I had to wear something I wouldn’t usually wear to events. The Dressing Room immediately made my vision come to life with this gorgeous T-shirt dress! It is super comfortable – especially since I paired it with a pair of white & rosegold sneakers.


I wore my favourite Heri Cosmetics shade, Vengeance & a pair of gold hoops to tie the whole look together.


 It was honestly one of the best events of the year – where genuine people came together to celebrate the hard work of local talent! It is super important to show support to people like Henry!

Supporting local talent, over & out 💗

Bews U Mhabba,

Samira ❤️


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4 ways to style 1 off-the-shoulder shirt!

Hi beauties! Welcome back to my blog!

Today officially marks the start of writing blog posts based on your recommendations over on my Instagram! This is something I plan on doing at least once a week during this summer 💗

One of the many recommendations that came in was ‘how to style an off the shoulder shirt’. Surely, you must’ve seen me wearing my favourite black off the shoulder shirt on my Instagram so I thought I’d share with you four ways I styled it!

Going clubbing is something I rarely do anymore – but here is a look I created using the black off the shoulder shirt. I paired it with a pair of trousers I got from Zara & the typical Samii sunglasses 😎.


The second look is something I wore for dinner on a public holiday. I made the pants in a few minutes during Malta Fashion Week so I thought I’d take them out for another spin after the fashion shows. I wore a pink fanny pack I got last summer from topshop, a scarf from Liu Jo and a dainty watch to tie the look together!


This look was created last summer when I only had a few minutes to get ready – so I quickly threw on the shirt with a pair of comfy, floral trousers, big earrings I got from accessorize and a black turban band I got from Bershka!


My most recent use of the off-the-shoulder shirt was just last week! I wore the shirt with a pair of leather shorts I got from Kiabi, a Liu Jo scarf, black sunglasses & a black purse.


I absolutely adore versatile pieces and I believe everyone should keep a simple but different shirt in their wardrobe. You’ll surely make good use out of it!

Until next time!

Bews U Mhabba,

Samii 💗

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7 things you should know before cutting your bangs.

Hi beauties! Welcome back to my blog after taking some time off writing!

I am ready to bring you summer content on anything and everything – and I thought I’d kick it all off with some things you need to know before committing to short bangs. I am no stranger to this hairstyle since through the years, I always had bangs at one point or another.

This summer, I decided to go short again and I would love to encourage you to do this simple yet effective change! Of course, I will give you some things you should know before cutting your bangs!


Throughout this blog post, I thought I’d include some celebrities that have been rocking bangs – old & new – to give you some inspiration!

1. Forehead acne.

Having hair lying on your forehead all the time – especially during the warm months of summer – leads to the production of more sweat and realising of certain oils while are usually associated with acne. So, be careful and take care of your skin care, and give some extra love to your forehead.

Model Emily Ratajkowski Jonas.

2. They get dirty…QUICKLY.

Going back to the previous point, such oils released can lead to bangs looking dirtier than the rest of your hair. A quick solution to this is to quickly wash it every day (not your whole head – just your bangs!)

Jane Fonda.

3. Styling is a MUST!

Waking up looking like the rays of the sun everyday is something you’ll grow familiar with – which is why constant styling is needed to ensure the placing of the hair. I usually style it well when my hair is still wet – using a round brush as well as my blow-drier. After that, I go in with my straightener – and I typically do this every time I see needed.

Anne Hathaway

4. Constant care.

Trims every two to three weeks ensure that no hair gets into your eyes. This means that bangs can get a bit high-maintenance; especially blunt-cut ones!

Selena Gomez.

5. Getting them out of the way is harder than it looks.

While bangs are all fun and games, you have to eventually do some chores, work or simply work-out. These are all times when your bangs feel extra, so having accessories to keep them out of your face is a must! I usually keep a few bobby pins and small hair clips to make sure the hair doesn’t get in the way of such activities!

Taylor Swift.

6. Examine all your options before snipping.

Something I am particularly new to is the styling according to the face shape. This is something that makes a ton of sense since bangs are there to compliment both the hair and the face – however, it doesn’t mean that if you like bangs a certain style which is not usually compared to your face shape then you shouldn’t get it!


7. Just GO FOR IT!

It is so easy to get attached to our hair – but keep in mind that hair is something that grows back! So, while I encourage you to take good care of it, I also encourage you to make decisions that you usually wouldn’t go for! I have had long hair, shaved hair, side bangs, blunt-cut bangs and many more hairstyles which all represent a time in my life!


Bews u Mhabba,
Samira x


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Hi beauties! Welcome to the final blog post of Malta Fashion Week 2019! Seriously can’t believe it’s over!

On the final day, I went for a very comfortable and spring look. Naturally, I chose this cute little dress from Oasis – which is seriously the perfect dress for SS19. I also wore this beautiful necklace which was sent to me by Wood & Tassel!

On the final night, there was only one show which was hosted by none other than the amazing local designer, Ritienne Zammit. I was stunned with the detail and beauty of the pieces which were inspired by Maltese patrons and saints. The Maltese culture shone through every single look, and there wasn’t a single look which I didn’t love! Here are some of my favourite shots taken by Bernard Polidano.


We ended the evening with an afterparty sponsored by Samsung! It was an amazing evening since we got to social network and get to know each other more.

To say that Malta Fashion Week 2019 was a blast and fun experience is truly an understatement. The people who made all of it possible exceeded my expectations – and I can’t help but look forward to next years’ looks and desginers!

Stay tuned for a blog post all about the Malta Fashion Awards, which is coming later this week!

Until next year MFW,
Bews u Mhabba,
Samira x

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Hi beauties! Welcome back to my blog!

I took a short break from writing during the last few days of Malta Fashion Week & Awards 2019 – but I’m back with more outfit and detail shots of the Fashion shows.

On day 7, I opted for one my favourite & go to outfits this year. I love the red touches – and it was one of the first times that I went for a sleek back bun!

The first show of the night was hosted by Milica Trickovic who came all the way from Serbia to share her collection inspired by Christianity and modern art. I simply adore this connection done in such pieces! These beautiful shots were taken by Mark Soler.


The second and final shot of the night displayed a beautiful masquerade Fashion show by none other than MFW’s special guest, Eymeric Francois. I adored the gold details – and loved the styling in general! These gorgeous photos were taken by Bernard Polidano.


Day 7 was an absolute blast! Stay tuned for Day 8 coming soon!

Bews u Mhabba,
Samira x.

Malta Fashion Week is sponsored by Land Rover Jaguar, supported by Fashion TV Gaming Group. Malta Fashion Awards is sponsored by Coca Cola and supported by MedAsia Cabs. Other main sponsors include Aldo, Airmalta, Malta Tourism Authority, Keune, Hilton and Fashion Vodka. Our local designers are being supported by the Creative Partnership Agreement whilst our international designers are supported by the Valletta Cultural Agency.

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Hi beauties! Welcome back to my blog!

Day 6 is over and dusted already! Can’t believe how fast this week is going by! For Day 6, I wore EVERSINCE by designer Danyl Azzopardi. The outfit was hot off the runway as it showcased just the previous day! I loved wearing something which I’m not used to – and I believe that Malta Fashion Week is the perfect opportunity to do so!

The first show of the night was by Gabriella Fenech with a collection called L’Amoureux. I loved all the collection but here are some of my favourites! These shots were taken by Steven Muliett.


The second show of the night was by Ocantos. This shot was taken by Mark Soler.


The third and final show of the night was by successful local designer, Marco Parascandalo. He presented two collections – EYECONIC and the Winter Collection in collaboration with Oxygyn. Here are some of my favourite looks shot by Justin Ciappara.


Day 6 was an absolute blast! Stay tuned for Day 7 coming soon!

Bews u Mhabba,
Samira x.

Malta Fashion Week is sponsored by Land Rover Jaguar, supported by Fashion TV Gaming Group. Malta Fashion Awards is sponsored by Coca Cola and supported by MedAsia Cabs. Other main sponsors include Aldo, Airmalta, Malta Tourism Authority, Keune, Hilton and Fashion Vodka. Our local designers are being supported by the Creative Partnership Agreement whilst our international designers are supported by the Valletta Cultural Agency.